First days of the new year

This year started with PLENTY of snow... And one good snowstorm. Snow working gear has been in use allmost every day and our home is starting to look like winter wonderland or then again maybe more like igloo...
We allso had two visitors here, Mirali and Philip. Had really great time here with them. We had little troubles during the day: first lost the driving belt of our snowmobile. So it took some time to replace it and in the late evening when heading to their hotel there was truck stuck in the middle of the road, so we had to take detour wich took extra hour... Finally I was home in 1:00 am... Sure it was a long day. But after all when the day was over I had really empty feeling... Because I thing just one day with so nice people is just too short. You just hope that there would be alleays just one more hour before thay go...

When we started to have visitors, I had this image that they just visit us and thats about it... but now after just few visitors we feel that they all are our friends and we miss them all... Hope we stay in contact and see again someday.

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