Driving with reindeer again

I had a long break from training reindeers, and now after over 10 years, we have a reindeer that pulls sleigh. Children have been enjoying reindeer trips for few times now. This reindeer is actually only 3years old, but he is so calm...it's like he have been doing it for all of his life. Only sad thing is that I can't drive with the sleigh, because he is always following me, if I sit in the sleigh he just stands next to me(It's like he is saying that:"come on, I'm not going to be only one walking".)

Actually there is 7 driving reindeers...
1 wich is working quite well
and 6 rookies

And quess what else have been going on?
Well it has been SNOWING and BLOWING and that's how our road looks like...

Picture actually lies sometimes.
There is like up to 150cm of snow, in the road banks

And  what else?...
Well I have been thinking of  videoblogging...
Perfect solution for bad(lazy) writer or total disaster?
What do you think?

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