Last days of the year

Today was last bigger reindeer separation for this winter. At least in our region. All the reindeers and herders are now safely at home.
And then to tonights program wich contains some snowmobile maintenance. That means that have to chainge fuel filter and repair some cover fastenings.
Well thats easier said than done. In this model you first have to take of the seat and fueltank, because pump and filters are in the tank...
Today we had visitors from Mexico and Hong Kong... We had a really nice day. feeding reindeer by foot and with snowmobile.

When all the reideers got their food, we made fire to our reindeerfence. There we cooked some reindeersausages and reindeermeat and had some hot chcolate with them.

Great day ended with a great way: New years party with new friends in nearby village
And the best thing today was having a good time with so nice people. Hope we will see again someday!
Great thanks to Philip, who took the great picture and helped us to get it here!

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