Gathering reindeers

Blizzard follows each other and snow gets deeper... Reindeers start to move to their winter lands. For herder that means it's time to start gathering reindeers to fences for last separations before middle winter arrives.

Reindeer herders day starts early in the morning, way before daylight arrives. Have to feed reindeers, wich are allready in fence and start collecting those wich are still outside.

When there is enough reindeers in fence for separation. It's time to check if there is some calfs still without earmarks. If there is (this time there was plenty), those have to be marked.
After that starts the real separation work. Reindeers are driven to smaller fence where reindeer owners decide wich are going to continue their life and wich are going to butchery.

Work lasts as long as there is daylight. Then quick coffee break and headlamps on... And back to the work wich continued to late evening...

And finally... At home. Some reindeersoup and home made bread... But it's not time to rest yet. House needs some warming. Luckily there is some firewood in the house.
And now clock is allready 10pm. Time to get finally in bed... And wake up is tomorrow as everyday 6am... But even if the day was hard, just have to take a while to admire this view...

Tomorrow it's time to slaughter some reindeers... And that means fresh traditional delicaties like blackpudding and blacksausages

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