Spring time

Slowly but surely spring is coming to Lapland too... One moment it's raining then sun is shining and then snowing. Weather is changing really fast, but still we have like 30-40 cm of snow.

We are waiting taht any moment this years first calfs are born, so it's really time for us. But the main season for calfs is between 10th and 25th of may. 27th of may they are going to have earmarks, so it's good day to visit us if you are intrested.

Another big thing for us is that we are going to build a summercabin. It allso gives a chance of staying overnight for our  friends and visitors... It's going to be like a tradiotal cabin like what we are using everywhere when herding reindeer. Big space (48m2 :D)with 6 small double sleeping places but just bit more privacy, compared to traditional, so it's not a 5 star hotel, just a place to eat and sleep. Oh, yes and of course there is going to be sauna...

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