Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!
We are a reindeerherder family from Finnish Lappland. Our family has been living with and from reindeers for centuries. World has changed a LOT in past two decades... can't even think how much is has changed from a days of our ancestors... Anyway this blog is about OUR life with reindeers.
And now it's finally time to let you see or to join our everyday living.
At this moment we don't have any accomodation capacity, but there is lots of things that you can experience in just one day. Believe or not...
And what year contains in our reindeer family?
In a nutshell it is:
At summertime it's observing how little calfs are managing and how do they grow up.
At autumn and early winter it's about choosing those who will pass their genes to next generations...
At winter it's helping them to survive the long winter of Lappland...
We will try to bring some of the most memorable moments for you to see.

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